Living Away From Home

Moving out of your parents house might be something that you’re planning or have already done. Most people I know moved because they went to school in a different city or they just wanted to move out on their own. Its what’s typical for young adults to do as they transition into adulthood.

My personal experience has been great but challenging. I was ready to move out and live on my own. I did all my own laundry and chores already so I wasn’t worried about doing everything myself. I did underestimate the amount of alone time and freedom. I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and had all the time in the world outside of school.

The freedom was great because I could stay out all night or stay in all day without anyone telling me to get up or ask when I’m coming home. I only had to report to myself. That’s probably the part that everyone moving out is looking forward to. The part that caught me by surprise is the alone time. Even with roommates or friends always around you will have alone time and that could be with them around you or not. I didn’t realize the impact of not having my family around me all the time and I began to feel homesick. I felt alone sometimes. It would hit me at random times and even still today even though I’ve lived on my own for about three years now. It did get easier to only see my family on breaks and once I moved to my apartment only a few times a year. It is apart of growing up and having your own life outside of your family.

Here are some things that help me out and I find useful living away from home.

  1. Keep track of bills and to dos on calendar or in planner
  2. Have pictures of family and friends up
  3. Talk to family/friends at least once a week via call, text, face time, etc. (more like daily)
  4. Surround yourself with the right people
  5. Take advantage of living alone and explore to find yourself

I love living away from home and it makes you a more confident and capable person when you have to be responsible for yourself. You have to tell yourself when to clean and go to bed and pay bills. No one will remind you to do anything and it’s all on you. Living away from home is a life experience that most of us will go through sooner or later and it’s a mix of emotions and experiences as your figuring it out. It’s an amazing ride that I am still on.

How was it when you first moved out or what are you looking forward to when you do move out ? Or just comment anything, maybe you have questions.

Unless you move, the place where you are is the place where you will always be.     

Ashleigh Brilliant

5 Tips for Self-Care and Coping with Anxiety

Found this helpful so wanted to share for everyone else !

Do Not Disturb

I started this blog because I really wanted an outlet to discuss self-care and self love, two things I struggle with and I know I’m not alone. But what is self-care? I’m no expert and am not pretending to be. I’m just a normal girl, going through life, and trying to figure out the best ways to deal with it all: work, relationships, family, etc. Even when I find new outlets for releasing stress or giving myself a mental health break, they don’t always work. I have good days and bad days, ups and downs. Sometimes, I can’t pinpoint what is dragging me down or depleting my motivation for the day. Other days, I completely surprise myself with how much I can accomplish.

For me, the basis of self-care starts with being able to read your body and mind and listening to them when they are asking for help. Of…

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Back to School After Break and Exchange

So today was my first day back at my home university after my exchange. It has been a transition filled with different emotions. I am glad to be back but at the same time missing exchange and my life in Canada. It’s like I’m back to reality. I have to work and pay bills and stay on my grades again. I’m gonna miss it definitely. But looking to the positives, my school opened a lot of new things while I was away. They opened the new freshman housing and dining plus a bagel shop. A boba tea place opened down the street from my apartment so I have to check it out soon.

It also felt weird being back at my apartment. The place looked like a real apartment. I left there sitting on the floor with air mattresses and came back to actual couches and decorations. I didn’t think it would be different but I was gone for almost 6 months so I should have expected it. I didn’t have culture shock being back home but it felt awkward for the first day while I settled in and back into my old routine. I am so glad to be back home though.

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update and hope everyone is doing well. How do you feel at the start of a new quarter/semester or after being away from home for awhile ?

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.

Nelson Mandela

2018 A Year Full of Firsts

As this year is closing out I wanted to review the year and all the things that I have done and accomplished. It’s wild because I didn’t think this year was that extraordinary until I actually thought deeper.

I had so many firsts this year and I’m actually surprised and proud of myself as I think about it. I moved into my first apartment and traveled to another country. Even though I have roommates and went to Canada, which doesn’t seem like much, those are extraordinary things that I’m extremely proud of.

I have come into my adulthood and started gaining confidence to believing that I could do the things I wanted like finance having monthly bills and paying for my semester abroad. It was stressful but I wanted it bad enough to make it work and found a way. I worked 20 hrs every week when I was used to working mostly on the weekends and on breaks as a full time student. I did what I had to do and make it work.

I traveled to another country and even though it was just to Canada it was a great cultural experience. I went alone with no prior knowledge since I never been out of my home state of California except Vegas. It forced me to branch out of my introverted comfort zone so that I could form new friendships and have a different mind set. The result was gaining friends from all around the world and seeing things slightly different from what I was used to. My firsts led me to have more confidence and do things I never thought I would of done this year.

This year has been filled with ups and downs for everyone I could imagine but don’t forget about all the accomplishments this year. New experiences and getting out of your comfort zone need to be celebrated more no matter how small.

Reflecting is a beautiful thing. What are some firsts or accomplishments from this year?

“The beauty of any first time is that it leads to a thousand others”

Pico Iyer

Why I’m blogging

Hello blogging community,

I just started blogging and I am no professional writer or anything but I just wanted to have a platform to express myself and connect with others. We all have things in common and having a way to express ourselves and our commonalities is a great thing. I want to share things that most people around my age are experiencing and maybe new things that I can share or I can learn from others. 

I have a journal that I write in but I know no one will be reading it and I couldn’t interact with others through it so last night I thought about starting a blog. I made one on a whim and I’m just going to be typing what I think and experiences I have been through as I navigate college life and being a young adult. 

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”

Anne Frank 

University in Canada as an American

So….this is my first blog btw and I honestly don’t know what I am doing and I’m not a pro writer but here we go. (ps everything I write is my personal opinion and hopefully I don’t offend anyone as that’s not my intention) 

I have been in Ontario for a semester on exchange and the school system is very different for me. I was expecting it to basically be the same but I was WRONG. Not necessarily in a bad way but just different. I’m studying at a research uni which means that the profs are researchers that are required to teach. It makes for a different experience. When talking about an exam a student asked what should be the focus and the prof answered that it was a great question but refused to answer. Basically I do not like how the profs behave but that’s my personal opinion. I emailed the TA because I was too nervous to email the prof and she told me to read the textbook first before asking questions. That took me all the way out and that was the end of the conversation. I just felt it was a little rude and in class he would’t give anyone clear answers test related questions. 

You have to read the entire textbook to understand the material. It was very different from America where the textbook is a supporting piece not the main tool to learning. I haven’t fully adjusted to how heavy of a weight the textbook is in Canadian Uni. I also had trouble with how some profs don’t make their own power points and use the ones from the books because then there is no point in lectures if it is all the same information that I can get from the text and have to read anyway. They don’t condense the info into only the fundamentals but have you study and read EVERYTHING when it won’t all be tested anyways. 

But not everything was negative and I enjoyed the beautiful campus. I met some of the best people from around the world and have made life long friendships and memories. It was something completely out of my comfort zone to come to Canada and alone. I learned a lot about myself and others with my time here. It has been a true blessing. 

Hope you enjoyed! 

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet